Welcome to the future of Open Investing

How it Works


Start with your goals

Your goals determine how you should go about investing. Your goal could be buying a home in the next 10 years, or it could be making sure you will have enough for the retirement years, or it may be setting up a fund for your children's education.


Evaluate your risk tolerance

We ask you to answer some behavioral questions to find out your risk score and assign it a value between 0 and 100. After all no investment is worth losing your sleep over.


Get your advanced ETF portfolio

Using Modern portfolio theory our portfolio engine will output a portfolio for you. You can save it to your account and we will monitor it for you 24x7. We will send you periodic performance and rebalancing updates.

What happens in the fund business is the magic of compound returns is overwhelmed by the tyranny of compounding cost. It’s a mathematical fact. There’s no getting around it. The fact that we don’t look at it, too bad for us. "

author John Bogle
Founder and retired CEO of The Vanguard Group